Universal Valve Diffuser

Airvector’s DRV Universal Valve Diffusers are designed for both air supply and air exhaust in air conditioning, ventilation, or heating systems. These diffusers are particularly suitable for air exhaustion in bathrooms and for ventilation installations in residential and commercial spaces, including houses, apartments, offices, schools, and hospitals.

The DRV series valves can be mounted in walls or ducts, allowing for high airflow while maintaining excellent sound pressure performance. Flow adjustment is simple and precise by rotating the central part of the valve, providing ease of control for optimal air distribution.

Points forts

  • Powder-coated heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Galvanized steel mounting for durability.
  • 360° diffusion, vertically adjustable.
  • Surface or open ceiling.
  • Perfect for bathroom exhaust or supply applications.
  • Ideal for residential applications.
  • Rotate core clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust airflow.
  • Better quality than plastic alternatives.
  • Comes with gasket to avoid air leaks.

La description

DRV  Universal Valve Diffuser