Filter Return Grille for T-Bar Mount

Airvector’s FGRT Serie of Filter Return Grilles brings an appealing and practical take on the classic filter grille. With an inconspicuous hinging system, no apparent screw holes on the frame and an easy pry-open/push-close fastening pin for effortless filter access, these high-quality grilles offer as much aesthetics as straightforward functionality while being easier to clean and maintain.

Serie FGRT is designed for sidewall and ceiling installation in commercial applications and is recommended for filtering and subsequently returning or exhausting room air.

Airvector Filter Return Grilles is fabricated with a sturdy extruded aluminum frame and can be provided with various powder coated colors and finishes.

FGRT Series have roll formed aluminum fins.


  • Sub-frame mounted, Lay-in T-bar mount.
  • Hinged extrusion on one end for inconspicuousness.
  • Easy pry-open or push-close pin for removable face and filter access.
  • Filter retainers to accommodate 1” filter (supplied by others).
  • Sturdy grille core with 2/3” fin spacing.
  • Extruded aluminum construction and roll-formed fins.
  • No countersunk mounting holes on sub-frame.
  • Available in Powder Paint Coating – white (other colors and finishes available upon request).



Aluminum fins and frame

Hinged extrusion on one end,
easy pry-open or push-close clip.