Residential Architectural Floor Grilles & Registers

Designed for high end residential floor applications, RAF is probably the most durable and best looking floor grille available. Its slick design and brushed & lacquered finish make it very appealing to the eye and suitable for all floor types. Made of extruded aluminum bars, RAF grilles and very strong and won’t rust over time. The powder coated lacquer offer extra protection against daily abuse and the removable core makes it much easier to clean.

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction.
  • Removable core for easier maintenance.
  • Reinforced for floor applications.
  • Available with or without opposed blade damper.
  • No apparent knob or lever, remove core and operate damper with screwdriver.
  • Brushed aluminum and powder coated lacquer finish.
  • Narrow pencil proof bar spacing for better comfort and security.


RAF   Grille Only

Photo 1 - Residential Architectural Floor Grilles & Registers.

RAF7   Register with Opposed Blade Damper

Photo 2 - Residential Architectural Floor Grilles & Registers.


N7   Opposed Blade Damper for Commercial Grilles

  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Suitable for GSA, GAA, GCA, GCR, ERE, ERT, ERU, REAL, RAF and ALB.
Photo 3 - Residential Architectural Floor Grilles & Registers.