Sight Proof Heavy Duty Aluminum Transfer Air Door Grille

Airvector®’s GADA, GADS and GADC Series of Sight Proof Transfer Air Door Grilles provides as much heavy-duty characteristics as lightness of material. Built with extruded aluminum from frame to core, these robust grilles are made to withstand the impact of everyday thumping and kicking. The core’s inverted V shaped blades guarantee a complete sight proof design as well as direct air passage intended for door applications.

Series GADA, GADS and GADC are designed for door installation in commercial applications and are recommended for transferring room air.

Airvector® Sight Proof Transfer Air Door Grilles are fabricated with a sturdy extruded aluminum frame as well as extruded aluminum V shaped blades for superior robustness.

GADA Series have a frame on both sides.

GADS Series have a frame on one side only and the

GADC Series have no flange frame. Can be provided with various powder coated colors and finishes.


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame and core.
  • Inverted V shaped blades for sight-proof quality and direct air transfer.
  • Countersunk mounting holes on frame.
  • Available in Powder Coated white (other colors and finishes available upon request).



Heavy Duty Aluminum

GADA: Frame Both Sides

GADS: Frame One Side Only

GADC: No Flange Frame (Coming Soon)