Ceiling Return Grilles

Single row fixed 45 degree return grilles are recommended for applications using Single Deflection or Double Deflection supply registers.


  • Powder paint coating – White (other colors available upon request).


GRT   Aluminum T-Bar Return Grille

GRT aluminum return grilles for T-Bar applications are rust resistant and very appealing to the eye.

  • Single row, fixed 45 degree fins.
  • Hidden mullion for sizes larger than 12″x12″.
  • Extruded aluminum frame, roll formed aluminum fins.
  • Ideal for T-Bar applications.
Photo 1 - Ceiling Return Grilles.


N7   Opposed Blade Damper for Commercial Grilles

  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Suitable for GSA, GAA, GCA, GCR, ERE, ERT, ERU, REAL, RAF and ALB.
Photo 2 - Ceiling Return Grilles.