Eggcrate Sidewall Return & Supply

Series ERE grilles and registers have grid cores capable of transferring or returning high air volumes with minimum air pressure loss. They match in appearance grid louvers on luminaires.


  • Fit overlap openings in solid ceiling and walls.
  • For drywall or any surface mounting.
  • Aluminum eggcrate and frame.
  • Available in any size 4″ x 4″ and over.
  • Countersunk mounting holes on frame.
  • Powder paint coating – White (other colors available upon request).


ERE7   Aluminum Eggcrate Supply Register


  • Opposed blade damper for variable air volume control.
Photo 2 - Eggcrate Sidewall Return & Supply.


N7   Opposed Blade Damper for Commercial Grilles

  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Suitable for GSA, GAA, GCA, GCR, ERE, ERT, ERU, REAL, RAF and ALB.
Photo 3 - Eggcrate Sidewall Return & Supply.